As a result of the mixed form of equity and loan capital, it is possible to create very flexible mezzanine financing, which is better suited to the respective business situation than simple use of loan or equity capital, in a legal and economically viable way.

Mezzanine financing is both a matter of trust and negotiation in all aspects, from loan amount to maturity to interest rate. To this end, we have proven expertise and source reliable mezzanine providers as well as other relevant partners, for example for leveraged buy-outs.

Methods of mezzanine financing

  • Participation rights
  • Profit-sharing certificates
  • Silent partnerships
  • Convertible and option bonds
  • Shareholder loans and subordinated partial loans
Corporate finance

Corporate finance

We provide comprehensive advice on bank-independent financing, whether loan or equity. Our goal and commitment is an ideally-structured, future-oriented liabilities side of the company’s balance sheet.

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Professional partners

The complexity of the whole area of corporate finance and comprehensive corporate consulting geared towards feasibility, sustainability and profitability can only be properly mastered with the concentrated power of a network.

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